Wireless Infrared Stereo Headphone System - $95.00
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This is a superb Infrared wireless headphone system specifically designed for rear seat, mobile audio and video entertainment systems. With the increasing popularity of Sport Utility Vehicles and Minivans, more families are purchasing audio/video systems to entertain the children on long trips.

Addressing the facts that wired headphones can create safety problems and that they break easily, this system is specifically designed to provide safe, cordless, high quality, individually controllable units for use with any automotive media systems.


Infrared Transmitter:

Can easily be mounted on ceiling with two mounting screws (included) or with Velcro.
Eight high-mode LEDs angled to send a signal to the occupants of two rows of seats.
Infrared transmission assures an interference-free signal for clear sound without wires.
12 volt operation. RCA type audio input.


Adjustable headband for comfort.
Twin receivers on each set of headphones.
Auto ON/OFF micro-switch saves battery life.
Personal volume control for each headphone set.
Compatible with all in-vehicle audio/video applications.
Requires 2 AAA batteries per headset (not included).
Additional UAH-HP headphones available

Package Contents :

1 Ceiling mount 12V transmitter
2 Stereo Headphones
Transmitter Mounting Screws
Installation Guide and Owners Manual


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