Amplified (26db Gain) Windshield TV Antenna - $45.00
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This patented Amplified Interior antenna mount above the rearview mirror or above the rear windshield offers 360 degrees of coverage and can be used with the Navigation TV-Tuner antenna. The telescoping elements extend to a total length of 54". A 26db Signal Amplifier (the strongest on the market) is included in the system to improve the reception in rural areas.  When it is used with our Navigation TV-Tuner or Super TV-Tuner, it automatically switches to the antenna that is receiving the best signal at the time.


Amplified TV antenna System.
Antenna extends to 54" total length with peel and stick tape for easy installation.
One 26db power Signal Amplifier.
Receiving UHF/VHF frequency.
12 volt DC system.

Package Contents :

Antenna Assembly for front or rear windshield
26db Power Signal Booster
Power and Antenna cables
Plastic Mounting taps for antenna
Simple Instruction Manual


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The Navigation TV-Tuner & Navigation Video Switcher systems are intended solely for Off-Road use or when the vehicle is in Park Position Only. Please obey all Federal, State, and local laws and regulations when operating the front monitor. Check laws regarding the installation and use of any automotive products before purchasing. The manufacturer/seller cannot be held liable for any accident and/or violations, and also any damage to your system due to improper installations or miss use of this product.