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Latest Update! Totally New and Updated, Top-Of-The Line system comes with a Built-in S-Video input, an optional Super TV-Tuner, and an E-code function (The Only one in the market). Also included are a built-in, Automatic Rearview/Backup Camera function and 2 extra Camera inputs for Baby Cams, Front Cams or Curb-side Cams. All functions are controlled with a very small RF Remote.

The One-and-Only, easy to operate Command Center for a vehicle Multimedia System. The most popular system for vehicles with more than 1 monitor/Video Source.

Every system comes Pre-set and guaranteed to match your vehicle's screen.
There is no adjustment necessary; Just install and enjoy!

For SUVs, Mini-Vans, and Cars with single or multiple displays/monitors... we just released this New, totally redesigned Navigation Multi Video Switcher System that works with most OEM Navigation Systems. Once installed, it allows the factory Navigation Screen to display up to four external Video Sources and three Cameras sources. The system supports up to four Audio/Video inputs (1 S-Video and 3 RCA), a fully Automatic Rearview/Backup Camera input, an automatic front camera function for Parallel Parking, and multiple Camera inputs for Baby Cams. The S-Video input (highly recommended for Car PC users) gives a much higher quality picture. The four Audio/Video outputs (1 Custom Navigation Interface, plus 3 extra LCD monitor outputs) can be independently selected to show any of the four AV input sources. By pressing the "5" button on the RF Remote, the user can select between the Navigation map or our Navigation Multi Video Switcher source to be shown on the Navigation Screen. The navigation system continues running in the background when you switch to our system (Navigation Voice guidance continue working when it's supposed to). A small, wireless RF remote control is used to control every function in the system. Our Navigation Video System offers the Highest Picture Quality in the industry and will NOT Blank Out the navigation display in the case of malfunction or power loss. It will automatically default back to the factory display; a highly important feature to take into consideration.

New...The optional E-Code function allows the factory navigation map to be sent out to other monitors (besides the factory navigation monitor).        

We currently have several versions:

Plug&Play Navigation-cable  Version (No wire cutting) available for: Acura, Audi w/NaviPlus, BMW, Range Rover, MINI, Honda, Lexus, Subaru, Toyota, VW Toureg, Infiniti G35 up to 2004(require to cut ONLY 1 wire). New systems are added regularly to our extensive list of supported cars. For more complete and up-to-date information please call or email our sales department.

New Plug&Play System for BMW with iDrive.
New Plug&Play System for Audi A6/A8/Q7 with MMI.
New Plug&Play System for Mercedes Benz.
New System for Range Rover Sport / LR3.
New System for Corvette (Require send in mod).
New System for Ford/Lincoln/Mercury w/All in one Nav. (Require send in mod).
New Plug&Play System for Subaru B9 Tribeca, Legacy GT, Outback.
New Plug&Play System for ALL GM Yukon-Denali, Escalade, Hummer H2/H3.
New Plug&Play System for BMW, Land Rover, and MINI.
New Plug&Play System for all Acura/Honda/Lexus/Toyota.
New Plug&Play System for Audi with “NaviPlus” factory Navigation System.
New Plug&Play System for VW Touareg.
New System for 2005 Chrysler 300c/Dodge/Jeep (Require send in mod).
New System for ALL Infiniti/Nissan (require cutting Only 4 wires).
New Mazda 3/6/RX8/CX7 (require cutting Only 4 wires).
New Ford/Lincoln/Mercury w/seperate Nav (require cutting Only 4 wires).

Important Note
: our system does not "trick" the factory navigation system so it does not mess up any of the navigation/Rearview Camera functions. The GPS, Trip Computer, MPG, Time Travel, Fuel-to-Distance, etc. will continue working in the background while our system is on.


Special Functions: Adds Entertainment features to any OEM/After Market Navigation system. Each of the 4 outputs can show up to 4 independent input sources simultaneously. Simple installation and operation.
New - optional Super TV Tuner (for watching local TV broadcasting).
New - Built-in 1Super-Video input (Highly recommended for Car-PCs because of the Higher picture quality).
New - optional E-Code function (sends Nav. map to rear monitors).
New - Remote Control: Wireless RF remote control for total system control. (No drilling, no switches, and no remote eye to install)
Built-in, fully Automatic Back-up/Rearview Camera input (with detection wire).
Built-in Automatic front camera function for parallel parking.
Built-in Baby/Inside camera function (control with remote).
Built-in Video amplifier for all the monitors connected to the outputs.
4 A/V inputs: 3 standard RCA audio/video inputs & 1 S-Video input.
4 A/V outputs: 1 Special Navigation Interface and 3 RCA audio/video outputs.
Automatic on/off following ignition.
Upgradeable for any cars you may purchase in the future.
Power Source/Consumption: DC 12V / 3W max. only.
Overall Dimension: Very compact:  7.9” W, 1.5” H, 6.2” D

Package Contents :

Navigation Video Switcher System with Simple Instructions 
Small RF Remote Control (no line of sight/remote eye required)
Connection Cable for Power, Reverse Signal, and Safety


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The Navigation TV-Tuner & Navigation Video Switcher systems are intended solely for Off-Road use or when the vehicle is in Park Position Only. Please obey all Federal, State, and local laws and regulations when operating the front monitor. Check laws regarding the installation and use of any automotive products before purchasing. The manufacturer/seller cannot be held liable for any accident and/or violations, and also any damage to your system due to improper installations or miss use of this product.