Flush/Bumper/Keyhole High Resolution Color Rearview Camera - Price: $175.00
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This revolutionary, patented camera design integrates a Super Wide Angle rear vision CCD (NOT a low quality CMOS) camera. The combination of the new generation 1/3" CCD sensor and our own technology for precise image processing enhances color reproduction to as close to the human eye level as possible. The result is a DSP camera able to produce the most natural colors and yielding the highest sensitivity to low light. The camera can be mounted on the bumper, keyhole, or any other flat surface. The super wide, 130o Horizontal x 110o Vertical, angle CCD color camera provides rear images in real time and eliminates any dangerous “blind-spots” directly behind your vehicle while backing-up. The camera works day or night (Only 0.3 lux), on any size vehicle. The Camera has been tested and works well with our Navigation Video Interface System or with any monitor with an RCA video input. Increase the safety around your family, pets, and property while reducing the risks of damage and high insurance premiums induced by backup collisions. Just a minor scratch on your bumper would cost more to repair than the cost of this camera.


New Generation CCD sensor with enhanced color reproduction close to the human eye level
Remarkably Low 0.3 Lux at F2.0 (Brighter than ever at dark illumination)
Image Device: 1/3" Digital Signal Processor color CCD (High Sensitivity & Noise free)
Wide Angle View: 130o Horizontal x 110o Vertical view with Mirror image
Total Effective Pixels: 512x492 High Resolution Full Color Camera (380+ TV Lines)
Video Output: 1.0 V P-P Composite (75 ohm load)
Gamma Correction: 0.45 
S/N Ratio: More than 48db
Auto Electronic Shutter: 1/50 to 1/100,000 sec.; High Speed Auto White Balance
Power source: DC 12V +/- 10% - low current consumption: 90mA
Operating Temperature: -13 to 176 F (-25 to 85 C)
Dimensions: Standard USA size License Plate
High quality Weatherproof Housing with long Video Cable

Package Contents :

Flush/Bumper/Keyhole Camera
Mounting Hardware
Video&Power Cable
Simple Instruction


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