10-Disc DVD/MP3/CD/VCD/SVCD Changer System - $595.00   Order Form

Looking for a Multimedia Player that plays both movies and music (including MP3 discs)? This 10-Disc DVD/CD/MP3/SVCD/VCD Changer is the ultimate addition to any custom installation, especially with our Navigation TVTuner/Video Switcher systems. Enjoy over 20 hours of movies and/or music without ever having to change a disc. The magazine allows a mixture of different disc types (DVD/MP3/CD/VCD/SVCD) in a single load. Video is displayed through a monitor (not included). The changer comes with RCA audio outputs that can be connected to any receiver, amplifier, or TV Tuner with auxiliary inputs. The system commands are made using the, included, wireless remote and remote eye with a user-friendly, Graphical User Interface (GUI) On Screen Display. 


Playback disc : CD / DVD / MP3 & CD-R compatible 12cm (MP3 shows Files/Folders)
Built in MPEG 2/1 Decoder - 96KHz 124 bit D/A Converter.
Operating Position: 0/ 45/ 90 Degrees
Wireless Remote Control with long cable remote eye.
Trick Modes (Slow/Fast/ x2. x8. x16. x32.)
Skip/Forward/Reserve/Title/Chaper Serach/Time Serach
Auto NTSC / PAL disc detection : 4:3 / 16:9 Aspect Ratio
Frequency Response: 20 Hz ~ 20 KHz with 90 dB S/N Ratio. 
Power Supply: 12VDC/3.0A  
Dimension: Approx. 9.75"(W) x 7.75"(D) x 3.25"(H)

Package Contents :

10-Disc Changer with Magazine, Remote Control, Remote Eye 
RCA type Audio/Video connection
Power, A/V, Din cables
Mounting Brackets and screws
Owner's Manual


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The Navigation TV-Tuner & Navigation Video Switcher systems are intended solely for Off-Road use or when the vehicle is in Park Position Only. Please obey all Federal, State, and local laws and regulations when operating the front monitor. Check laws regarding the installation and use of any automotive products before purchasing. The manufacturer/seller cannot be held liable for any accident and/or violations, and also any damage to your system due to improper installations or miss use of this product.